Smartwatch vs Smart Band

Difference between smart watch and smart band or fitness band. Many end users are often confused between a fitness band and a smartwatch. And since both devices are worn on the wrist, many users do get them confused. -Firstlook

Smartwatch vs Smart Band
Firstlook - smartwatch vs smartband

Smartwatch vs Fitness Band (Smart Band)

Many have question in their mind what differentiates a smartwatch from a smartband, since both devices almost always look alike and sometimes, perform the same function. But there are differences that you ought to know to make a sound purchase decision. Through this article, we will learn all about the devices and what differentiates the two-

Smartwatch and Smartband as wearables

Both are functional wearable devices that have smart features. Typically, smartwatches and smart bands both tell the time, have health/fitness features (pedometer, tachymeter, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, etc.), can be synced to smartphones, and generally worn around the wrists.

The differences between both wearables most often always revolve around screen sizes, dimensions, and other complex features. I’ll explain.

What is a Smartwatch?

A Smartwatch is a digital watch with added features. Showing time is no longer the only thing a watch can do. Smartwatches are the versions of watches that have undergone evolution in its truest sense. Rudimentary models of the smartwatches allowed users to perform calculations and play games.

Nowadays, smartwatches have many more advanced functions, such as touch screens. They can also transfer files and videos via Bluetooth, just like smartphones.

Some also have an inbuilt camera, barometer, compass, thermometer, and FM Radio. They can operate on Wi-Fi and GPS too and let you check all your emails and social media notifications. You can also send “smart” replies. These devices let you track your basic activity level.  In short, one can say that a smartwatch is like wearing a mini smartphone on your hand.

  1. A smartwatch pairs with your phone and alerts you when you receive a call. It’s easy to miss calls, especially when you are on the go, but a smartwatch prevents this problem.
  2. You can change the look of the watch daily according to your preference.
  3. A smartwatch can be worn on all occasions, as many have stylish designs.
  4. A smartwatch is generally powered by a software (Wear OS or Watch OS) allowing greater connectivity and more features.

What is a fitness band / Smart Band?

Nowadays, people are becoming more and more health-conscious. They not only take care of their diet but also keep track of other health-related issues, such as monitoring their physical activities.

For this purpose, people are increasingly using a device called a fitness band. A fitness band is a wristband with specific functions. It is also known as a fitness tracker.

It is widely used to measure walking steps, running distances, heart rate, sleep patterns, etc. The band then transfers this user data to a mobile or a computer. The data is in turn, used to monitor the ups and downs in health and get a better picture of the user’s physical wellbeing.

It is a good way of spotting health-related issues early on and also maintaining current fitness levels.

  1. Fitness bands allow multi-sport tracking. You can actually track your whole workout as well as very specific workouts like swimming.
  2. They are not priced heavily and are very comfortable to wear during your workout. You don’t need to carry your mobile along for it to work.
  3. You don’t run the risk of getting diverted from your health goals as they focus on health rather than on notifications, emails, etc.

Smartwatch v/s fitness bands:

The difference in one sentence is this- whether you want a device that helps you communicate and keeps you updated or one that tracks how you are maintaining your health. A smartwatch is a multipurpose device, while fitness bands are specifically used for health and fitness.

On the one hand, where a smartwatch can relax a person by playing music, a fitness band, on the other side, can measure how relaxed a person is (by tracking the heartbeat).

However, this notion is changing. There are a few smartwatches on the market that serve the purpose of a fitness band as well. They also have features like monitoring heart rate, thermometer, etc. On the other hand, many fitness trackers have started displaying basic smart notifications.

Talking about preferences, the younger generation is likely to opt for a smartwatch as the youth are more tech-savvy, whereas a fitness band is used both by young and old.