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Hey, I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a blogger and Digital Analyst. My Blog is a curation of interests and activities based on my everyday life interests. As we go through different seasons of life, so does our blog! "Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world." I am at the beginning of an exciting journey with lots to learn and I’m enjoying every new discovery.

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Health & Fitness

Docs on TikTok Fight Misinformation and Harassment

Medical professionals who bring their expertise online hope to educate others and fight misinformation, but it's not always smooth...

Health & Fitness

Black Men Less Likely to Get Best Prostate Cancer Treatments

Researchers analyzed medical records of men treated for prostate cancer by the U.S. Veterans' Health Administration -- most were over...

Health & Fitness

Unhappy Marriages Could Mean Shorter Lives for Men

A new study suggests staying in an unhappy marriage could raise a man's risk of stroke or early death.

Health & Fitness

We Made a Map. It’s Probably Wrong

Based on federal data, WebMD and Medscape made a map of the percentage of healthcare workers at hospitals around the U.S. who have...

Health & Fitness

Huge Number of Hospital Workers Still Unvaccinated

A new analysis by WebMD and Medscape shows that many health care workers in hospitals around the US remain unvaccinated against COVID,...

Health & Fitness

Coming Soon: Pacemaker That Dissolves Away After Use

Researchers are reporting early success with a temporary heart pacemaker that simply dissolves when it's no longer needed.

Health & Fitness

Rethinking Your Post-COVID Relationship With Booze

COVID-19 prompted many Americans to start taking steps to eliminate alcohol entirely. If you’re among this group, science is definitely...

Health & Fitness

Starchy Snacks, ‘Western-Style’ Lunches May Harm Heart...

Meal and snack patterns may increase or lower your risk for developing heart disease and dying from it, according to a new study.

Health & Fitness

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Sleep Apnea

Learn ways to manage your sleep apnea and get the rest you need.

Health & Medicine

Varied COVID Vaccination Rates May Lead to 'Two Americas'

Will disparities in vaccination rates lead to a divided America? Also, new research reveals how much vaccinated populations might...

Health & Medicine

COVID, Storms and Cravings Spur Chicken Wing Shortage

Low supply and high prices are forcing some to look for other alternatives. But that's not necessarily a bad thing for your health.

Health & Fitness

No Good Evidence Weight Loss Supplements Work

A new study finds there's little high-quality research to back claims that weight loss supplements actually help you lose weight.


Pandemic May Have Created a 'Baby Bust,' Not Boom

U.S. health officials report the pandemic appears to have triggered a deep drop in the number of births.

Health & Medicine

Young Adults Have Low Vaccination Rate, CDC Says

While demand for COVID-19 vaccinations is slumping, the national vaccination program is still racking up statistical victories. The...


Apple Making Strides in Health Record Sharing

The number of institutions using Apple’s EHR download feature is growing fast; company announces it will start sending other doctors’...

Health & Medicine

Marijuana Use Tied to Higher Odds for Thoughts of Suicide

A new study finds young adults who use marijuana appear to have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts and attempted suicide.