What might happen after covid-19 ?

What might happen after covid-19 ?

Difference Between a Wedding vs. Marriage

Difference Between a Marriage and Wedding - A wedding typically lasts a day while marriage is intended to last a lifetime. A marriage...

Effective Tips for Working Remotely

Becoming a work-from-home guru may be harder than it seems. Use these learning resources to become a remote work expert! Plan and...


DIY Cool Easy Hairstyles that Real People Can Do at Home.

Classy Ethnic Wear embellishments

Simple yet classy ethnic wears you could flaunt on wedding events. It can be an heirloom passed down through generations, or a purely...

Reasons to Kick Your Coffee Habit

Your morning does not start without coffee. Your afternoon cannot continue without it. You daydream about coffee and your social media...


Low-Carb Cocktails You Can Drink on a Diet. Thinking of going on a low-carb diet? Good news: while you need to be more conscious of...

Reaching Your Financial Goals

Take This Quiz To Find Your Best Strategy For Reaching Your Financial Goals. When it comes to setting and reaching money goals, you...

Potato Garlic Rings

Lockdown Successful Trials. Snacks tried in lockdown. Crispy & Tasty!


Self Care. Here are two self-care practices I’ve prioritized, one that I’ve dropped, and one that I’m trying out.


How I Reclaimed My Definition Of “Self-Care” & Found A Routine That Actually Improved My Life

Tackle The Life Admin Tasks

How To Tackle The Life Admin Tasks You Keep Putting Off

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