Which direction Web Development is going in 2021

where web development is going in 2021

Which direction  Web Development is going in 2021

Hi I am Reynold Roy I have only worked for 4+ yrs s a Web Developer and this are my thoughts where the web development is going on 2021 and what we are going to see 

  1. Ui
    1. Dark Ui is getting very famous over the years and some of the websites are already implementing it .
    2. Rounded Ui is there but rounded edge rectangles will be seen more.
  2. Progressive Web App will be used often rather than native apps as ARM processors are getting better day by day to process javascripts .
  3. People will prefer Single Page Websites over traditional Websites as data can be accessed easily and for developers lazy loading will be the way to go .
  4. Due to COVID-19 Developer should look at their infrastructure for security .
  5. Voice Recognition will bloom and with deep learning will be a thing . 
  6. Finally we will see more serverless webpages as there is no server maintenance .