Reaching Your Financial Goals

Take This Quiz To Find Your Best Strategy For Reaching Your Financial Goals. When it comes to setting and reaching money goals, you have to have what people in the personal finance world call a “why” — AKA, the reason you’re bothering to save or invest. This quiz is not about setting a number, or telling you what your money goals should be — that depends completely on your own desires and circumstances! It’s simply about finding ways to motivate yourself to save towards a long-term money goal, especially when the gratification of reaching it is super out of reach. By examining your own habits and preferences, you’ll be able to work towards your money goals in a way that works for you, not against you. Let’s get started! // Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to get better with money — none of these strategies is more impressive than the others. The key is to find what works best for you so that making responsible money decisions becomes a lifelong habit. Let us know your favorite goal strategies in the comments!

1. Are you more digital or analog?

(A) Extremely analog — I have a regular paper journal and a bullet journal that I write in every day.
(B) Mildly analog — I put important reminders on sticky notes but don’t keep a meticulous schedule.
(C) Mildly digital — I put plans and obligations in my phone calendar.
(D) Extremely digital — I am obsessed with Google Calendar and use it for everything from scheduling my workouts to setting personal reminders.
(E) Both — I have some reminders on my phone, some written down, and somehow I manage to figure it all out.

2. Do you like video games?

(A) Lol, no.
(B) I like playing MarioKart and Animal Crossing, and other games that are more social than involved.
(C) Yes! They are my absolute favorite way to spend my downtime, and I’ve even cried when I’ve gotten to the end of a really great game before.
(D) I’m very hot and cold with them — I’ll get way into a game, and then not pick up my player for a year.
(E) Not really — I’ve tried playing some but lose interest very quickly.

3. Do you enjoy looking at data, either in your work or personal life?

(A) I definitely appreciate visualizing trends, but I’m not a big numbers person.
(B) I have to talk through data with other people in order to get a clear understanding of what I’m looking at.
(C) Sure, I always enjoy figuring out how to beat my own personal record.
(D) Yes, I am obsessed with analyzing every part of my life so I can optimize it.
(E) Yes, mainly because I like setting milestones and then getting to celebrate them.

4. Are you an organized person?

(A) Yes — I have clutter, but there’s definitely a rhyme and reason to it.
(B) Not really, but it doesn’t bother me.
(C) Not inherently, but it bothers me — I do best when I have systems that help me stay organized without thinking about it.
(D) Yes — I would say I’m extremely organized, both digitally and physically.
(E) Yes — but mostly so I have a reason to buy myself nice-looking organizational tools.

5. Are you more of a planner, or more spontaneous?

(A) I like to plan ahead just enough so that there’s room for spontaneity.
(B) I don’t typically plan ahead very much, but I really like it when others around me make plans.
(C) I’d definitely consider myself more spontaneous.
(D) I’m a very meticulous planner.
(E) I like making plans so that I have things to look forward to.

6. Can you motivate yourself, or do you depend on others to motivate you?

(A) I’m largely self-motivated, but that sometimes means holding myself accountable publicly, like sharing my progress towards a goal on Instagram.
(B) I definitely depend on other people to keep me motivated.
(C) I wouldn’t say I’m more or less motivated by myself or others — if I want to do something, I just do it.
(D) I’m extremely good at motivating myself to work towards a goal, even if no one else knows about it.
(E) I can be motivated as long as I know I’ll get some sort of reward out of it (but the reward can be from myself).

7. 7. Do you enjoy keeping New Year’s Resolutions?

(A) Yes — I’ve had some luck with keeping them in the past, especially if I find a way to make them fun!
(B) Not really, unless it’s more of a social activity than anything.
(C) No — I like going after goals but don’t really care about doing something during a specific calendar year.
(D) Yes — I like the structure of a calendar year for setting and reaching goals, even if the timeline is arbitrary.
(E) Yes — I set major resolutions and plan a major event or purchase for myself once I reach my goal.

8. How detailed is your budget?

(A) I know exactly how much I have “leftover” to spend each pay period, but I don’t break my spending down hyper-specific categories.
(B) Relatively detailed, but I only stick to it if I have regular check-ins with my partner/roommate.
(C) Pretty detailed, but I rely on an app to help me stay on budget so I don’t have to spend that much time thinking about it.
(D) Extremely detailed — I have quick check-ins with my spreadsheet on a regular basis, and I love having that structure.
(E) Detailed, but I have to work for it — I always pair my money check-ins with something really fun, like an indulgent takeout meal.

9. Do you consider yourself competitive?

(A) I’m mildly competitive with myself — I love tracking my habits visually and seeing how much progress I’m making.
(B) I enjoy friendly competition with others, but I’m also just as motivated by mutual support and positive reinforcement.
(C) Yes, I’m definitely competitive with others and myself and enjoy winning just for the sake of it.
(D) No, I don’t really enjoy competition.
(E) I don’t like winning just for the sake of it, but if I know I’ll get something out of it, I can be very competitive.