Mental Health Quiz

Know these interesting General Knowledge. This quiz is part of establishing a world-leading user-friendly set of resources for understanding and improving mental health, wellness, wellbeing, happiness, etc., and particularly within this, for addressing in a bold, transparent, responsible way.

1. How much sleep per night is considered necessary to maintain good mental and physical health in adults: 4hrs; 4-6 hrs; 7-8hrs; or 9-10hrs?

7-8hrs (Studies confirm that adults need about 8 hours sleep each night to stay healthy; children and teenagers need more. There is increasing evidence of causal links between minimal sleep and many illnesses, i.e., sleeping for less than 7-8hrs per night is definitely bad for health, short-term and long-term. Screen use, especially smartphones, late at night, is proven beyond all doubt to reduce sleep quality. There are many simple methods of achieving 'clean sleep' that are commonly ignored, and parents and schools generally do not teach children these things very well. In the late 1900s a view became popularized that high-performing people could and should be able to function and stay healthy having six hours sleep or less per night. Science has now proven this belief to be grossly wrong, and actually quite dangerous.)